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I am Sanjana Taneja a B.Com graduate and a SAP Consultant (Finance) , discontent with the corporate world I stepped into the shoes of a Prental Yoga Teacher .The students who came to me portrayed delivery to be a very fearful experience and I could not give or get the right answers for this from my own family, friends, internet searches nor at a busy doctor's appointment so I decided to educate myself and became a child birth educator. The experience of pregnancy and birth has evolved over the years and I believe that the need for caring, sensitive and knowledgeable support during this time is becoming more and more apparent. I see every birth as a normal physiological process and that women are strong and powerful and as a certified child birth educator I feel honoured to be able to contribute my expertise to women and their families. I am a normal birth consultant and encourage women to learn about their options and to be active participants in decision-making for themselves and their babies.

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While childbirth is a cherished moment in a mother’s life, it can also be quite overwhelming. 

My Antenatal (Pregnancy care) classes provide up-to date, evidence based information to enable parents make an informed decision. In my classes you will learn about labor management - six healthy births practises , coping mechanisms for pain during labor, prenatal exercises, breathing techniques, birth positions and about breastfeeding.
These classes will help you focus on your pregnancy, forthcoming labor and birth. They also help you overcome the fear of childbirth by equipping you with the right information. The classes help you think about labor, birth, about becoming a parent and give you time to ask questions. I offer small class sizes so that the classes can be tailored to meet your needs and so that you take away much more from the classes then just birth facts. 


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Please get in touch to learn more.

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“The whole point of natural birth is the knowledge that the woman is the birth power source. She may need help, but in essence, she always had, currently has and will always have that power.“


Heather McCue

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