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Customise Your Birth Plan

Updated: Aug 26, 2020

I am a grown woman and presumably you are too. I am sure for your wedding , you planned your mehendi party, bridal trousseau , guest list etc then “why not plan your birth”?

A birth plan is a chance to look at your choices and options available to you. to make sure that your voice is heard in the labor room.

It is an outline of your preferences during your labor and delivery. For example, your birth plan may include who you want with you during labor, whether you want pain medications, or if you want the lights dimmed. You can include anything you think will make your labor and birth more comfortable for you.

Yes birth is unpredictable but so is life and so is the fact that it might have rained on your wedding but you were still on it and are on it. Your list of options are endless and you can plan for different scenarios to not just build Plan A, But Plan B and C as well. It’s a document that spells exactly how you want things to be . Knowing you were in charge and that you were listened to and treated with respect this will make a difference to the way you feel about birth afterwards than the actual mode of delivery. Take time to learn about your options and plan for the best case and the worst case scenario.

Here is a Free Birth Plan that you can use to Customise as per your Needs as a New Parent.

Download PDF • 1.45MB

Download PDF • 1.08MB

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